Client Resume

Austin D. Jordan, the CEO of Jordan Ent., officially opened Jordan Ent. Inc. for business in November 2013. Mr. Jordan wholeheartedly believes Jordan Ent.'s success is you succeeding. Thus, we created this page in order to give potential clients a look into the success we've helped our past and present clients obtain.


Austin D. Jordan / Jordan Ent. drop Dr. Jen Welter

In the past month I have done everything I possibly can to make Dr. Jen Welter as successful as possible. Jen has gone from virtually an unknown to a household name since agreeing to terms with Jordan Ent. on February 14, 2014 (a month ago). You have seen Jen on The Today Show, The Arsenio Hall Show, The Steve Harvey Show (airs 3/19), Alicia Menedez Tonight, in hundreds upon hundreds of articles ranging from USA Today to ESPN Argentina and everything in between.

Beyond The Pom Poms (BTPP)

Beyond The Pom Poms (BTPP) is a weekly web/TV series produced by Jordan Ent. that airs live Saturday nights at 8 EST starting March 29, 2014. Beyond The Pom Poms is the first live interview style original web/TV series produced specifically for professional cheerleaders, dancers and alumnae. Beyond The Pom Poms is available worldwide online via Google+ and YouTube.

Jen Welter makes history

(Video is courtesy of Louis Ojeda Jr. and FOX Sports Southwest)


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